I was put on Battlefield V in late 2017 to head up the design for the german “War Story”, I did paper designs for all 3 levels but after we ramped up the team I handed the second level to another designer and the last, smaller mission, to an intern I was mentoring at the time. I chose to do the level design and scripting for the first level since I had the most design experience on The Last Tiger team and figured having a strong start and onboarding for the levels was important.

I retained responsibility for the whole war story after the hand-overs but was mostly able to take a backseat considering the team was pretty self sufficient and only required me to check in once in a while on the other levels.


The Rhine-Ruhr region, Spring 1945. The vast Twelfth US Army Group presses the borders of Germany. German lines are in disarray; units are broken, separated, and poorly supplied. In this setting, you’ll join the German crew of Tiger number 237 – “Stefan” – as it operates a near-indestructible Tiger I tank in an unwinnable battle on the borders of their fatherland. As with our other War Stories, this one is presented in its native language of the crew – German.

The Last Tiger gameplay is built around tank combat in an urban environment. This is a setting where managing sight lines and tank facing are key, as you can turn a street corner and suddenly find yourself in a completely different combat scenario. Hit enemy vehicles  where they’re most vulnerable while keeping the front of your vehicle facing them for maximum protection.

Few enemies can survive the Tiger’s bite, an 88mm cannon that destroys most allied tanks with a single shot. But is that enough? The US army pushes in with vast numbers of Sherman tanks, artillery, and a host of infantry under the cover of tank-busting air superiority. Meanwhile, your orders are to advance and meet them.

Thank you for checking out my involvement on this project! 🙂
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